Restoring Data Has Run an Advanced Hard Drive and Data Recovery Techniques

Restoring Data incorporation, is a company that deals with computer forensics and restoring data on external storage devices such as computer hard disks, memory cards and other USB drives. After it sent its top professionals on a seminar to discuss ways of recovering data from a completely spoilt hard disk, the professionals did so and came up with a powerful tool that has revolutionized the philadelphia IT company since then. The seminar focused on advanced RAID data recovery techniques that led to the tool being developed. The tool, called Drobo recovery tool, has taken the world by storm and has seen the company grow.


How Drobo works

The tool has many disks stored in up to 12 bays. The disks differ in size and range between 1 TB to 40 TB. Drobo combines this disks into RAID and then utilizes a complex code known as BeyondRAID to restore data from external storage devices. The code also allows one to expand storage capacity of the storage device by taking the sub section of disks in the storage element and putting bigger ones in their place. The device also allows one to connect a storage device directly to it or through a network so that it can trouble shoot and resolve the disk’s problem remotely.

In case one puts a disk that is still functioning and Drobo fails to troubleshoot it by bringing up an error message, one should go on and format the disk. Drobo may sometimes tend to fail and one is advised to have multiple clones of the disks since some processes that run in the background may temper with the data that was in the original device.

The major drawback that this system bears is that it is highly reliant on BeyondRAID that should the configuration ever fail, then the whole system comes down and repairing it gets difficult. When the system is also physically degraded, then it becomes a problem for the technicians as repairing the system can only be done through its hardware and not by connecting it to a PC. The speed with which the equipment also recovers data is way slow, and some files that are not superficial may be difficult to recover.

Its benefits are however outstanding as it can be used for forensic purposes, majorly to solve mysterious crimes. The equipment also is fast in getting an image copy of a disk, which can now be used by a third party, and not necessarily Drobo itself, to retrieve the information from the image. The tool also is compatible with most BeyongRaid configurations and perfectly works with them.

The company, through its specialists, managed to develop BeyondRAID from scratch, with the sole purpose of improving the capabilities of the company to recover data. Their research bore fruits which has seen many multinational companies from diverse countries seek to partner with the company just to get to use the advanced equipment. The company has managed to stay at the forefront in providing its customers with the technologies needed by them to recover their data.