More than 50 IT support providers to debut their products and services at Interop Las Vegas 2016

Interop is a conference of IT professionals, technology moguls and genius innovators to share their love and passion for technology. 5 days of activities, seminars and endless networking opportunities; 5 days of being all about technology, only technology and nothing else. The tech industry will never look so alive any other day of the year.

Although they hold Interop in other places in the world like India, New York and Tokyo yearly, this year, the Las Vegas location is the only one confirmed so far. It is set to take place on May 2-6 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center and it has been confirmed that more than 50 IT support services provider who have recently announced their newest products and services will be joining the conference and their new products and services will be specially featured there as well. Below are the few of them:

IT support

10gtek (Booth 666) – they will be releasing their new 100G QSFP28 DAC/AOC/Transceiver and its OEM/ODM service, with fast delivery

DreamzTech (Booth 1027) – they will be announcing their new Physical Web Application Management System Integrated with Eddystone Beacons.

LiquidPlanner (Booth 604) – they will be releasing their new project management software that will sure help IT project managers everywhere. The software have project dashboards that shows project data, the component that helps the project manager assign a specific task to multiple people and numerous elements that will make team collaborations easier and more organized.

SimbirSoft (Booth 1019) – they figured out a new and simpler but high class way of software product quality insurance process and custom mobile development, big data, web services and cloud solutions.

Opengear (Booth 1044) – they will announce the new improvements to their Resilience Gateway that features smart out-of-band management and automatic failover to high-speed 4G LTE or 3G cellular connections when primary connections fail.

Uila (Booth 353) – will be releasing their new infrastructure monitoring product that features a multi-virtual machine monitor support. It also minimizes the time of troubleshooting time.

Keeper Security, Inc. (Booth 454) – with their reputation as one of the best among the best when it comes to digital vault security, they are now taking it to a higher level by releasing Duo Security that includes two-factor authentication for business customers. It will also help the company oversee the login attempts from whoever, wherever and from whatever device.

Zoom (Booth 931) – Zoom will be releasing Zoom Rooms for PC, 3-screen and touch. Much like LiquidPlanner’s new product, Zoom Rooms aims to help team collaborations go smoothly with components like video conferencing, screen sharing and interactive whiteboard.