March Networks Offers Powerful Financial Security Solution Packages

march networksThese days, larger companies with more assets to protect cannot be satisfied with merely having a security system in place.  Their video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection setup must be top rate.  Many companies, including banks which require a high level of security, have entrusted their security to March Networks.  This is one company which offers specialized security solution packages for commercial industrial, financial, retail, bus & passenger rail, airports / seaports, education, critical infrastructure and government applications.  Among March Networks products, their financial solutions packages stand out.

What makes March Network’s Financial Solutions Superior?

March Network’s Financial Solutions package is loaded with powerful features that not only keeps the business secure, but also helps improve efficiency.  They have a complete video surveillance solution which is more than just a collection of video cameras and recording equipment, it also has advanced features which help reduce losses due to fraud and enable video based business intelligence.

There is a wide selection of video camera and recording equipment of different resolutions and features.  Their cameras and recording equipment are able to capture video in full high definition HD.  There are also options to use digital onsite video recorders, network video recorders, and cloud-based video footage storage.  There are video management software which features advanced searches, remote access, and centralized control.

Searchlight for banking is a really powerful software which showcases the financial security expertise of March Network.  This software combines video surveillance, analytics, and ATM/teller information to ferret out suspicious activities which maybe the beginnings of fraud.  The software detects cash harvesting, ATM skimming, and suspicious withdrawal patterns.  This online article on discusses the advantages of video analytics and insight.

The software provides instantaneous alerts to anything suspicious such as loitering, while also allowing speedy searches across your organization.  This allows you to conduct speedier and less costly investigations.  And once you thwart a few fraud attempts, it will act as a powerful deterrent which will ultimately significantly decrease losses.

Then you also get the benefit of video-based business intelligence.  Video footages hide a lot of information which this software effectively mines for your use.  You can count people in queues, determine speed of service and check on room occupancy rates.  Based on the information provided you can then make procedural and / or staffing level adjustments to cope with any shortcomings you discover.  You can also check on how many people check out your promotional displays to gauge how effective they are, so you can adjust placements and content for improved effectiveness.

Through your video surveillance footages you can find out data on ATM usage – are some being used more that other units, how much time do people spend per transaction, which displays attract more attention, and how many people use information kiosks.  The insights you gather can be used to improve customer service to increase customer satisfaction.

If the hundreds of banks and credit unions which have entrusted their security to March Network’s Financial Solutions provides an indication of its performance, perhaps you need to give it a try.